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    RAM (Random Access Memory) is part of your computer where the computer stores data / information it is currently working on. RAM is volatile memory which when the machine is switched off, everything it has stored is erased. Hence, RAM is used during user sessions by the O/S and user application as a virtual scratch pad.


    There are different kinds of RAM which your computer might use, but most machines either use 30 or 72 pin SIMMs. A SIMM (SingleInline Memory Module) is the most common type of volatile memory. SIMMs come in various capacities (1 Meg per SIMM, 8 Meg per SIMM, etc.)


    Parity is a feature of some computers that allows the RAM to check itself for errors. RAM with Parity will add an extra bit of data to every 8 bits of data going in, and checks to see if that bit is still there when the data leaves the RAM. Many modern computers no longer use parity RAM, due to greater reliability of newer RAM chips and the lower price of non-parity SIMMs. You should use whichever type your computer manufacturer recommends. 72 pin SIMMs with a code ending in x32 do not have parity and chips with a code ending in x36 have parity. 30 pin SIMMs with a code ending in x9 or x3 have parity while SIMMs ending in x8 do not.


    EDO RAM is a new kind of RAM designed to boost speed on newer computers. EDO (Extended Data Output) gives greater speed by allowing it to send out more data per cycle. To be able to use EDO RAM, a computer has to have a BIOS which supports it. Computers with the ability to use EDO RAM will see a 10% or greater improvement in speed compared to conventional RAM.


    Nanoseconds (ns) is the speed of which SIMM modules are measured. Most NEW SIMMs are rated at 60. The lower the number, the faster the SIMM will be. You can use a faster SIMM than your system requires, but NEVER use a slower SIMM. If you do not know what speed is required, consult your mother board manual or contact your offical dealer.


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